Rules & Regulations

We are a dwelling for adults in recovery, working daily to integrate spiritual principles into your daily life, and we expect adult behavior accordingly. The following guidelines should be self-evident, but we’ll note them anyway. Violation of any guideline may result in immediate termination of tenancy.


1. Tenants must complete at least a one-month commitment and give landlord or house manager at least one week’s notice of intent to move or forfeit Security Deposit/Additional Advance Payment and current week’s rent.

2. Tenants will abstain from all drugs and alcohol and follow all house rules. Any drug or alcohol-related paraphernalia is not permitted on the Leased Premises. Use of any mood-altering substances or violation of any house rules may result in immediate termination of residency, loss of Security Deposit/Additional Advance Payment and current week’s rent. Tenant agrees to vacate the Leased Premises within one hour of notification of termination.

3. Tenants shall attend weekly house meetings which are held Sunday, at 7:00 p.m., in either unit 7311/7315 or 7321/7323, (at the option of the Residence Manager). WEEKLY RENT SHALL BE DUE BY THE CLOSE OF FRIDAY BEFORE THE HOUSE MEETING.

4. From 0–90 days of sobriety and for the first month, tenants will have an 11:00 PM curfew Sunday through Thursday and 12:30 PM on Friday and Saturday. From 90–180 days of sobriety, tenants will have a 12:00 AM curfew. After six months of sobriety, the curfew times from Sundays to Thursdays will be 1:00 AM; and Friday and Saturday nights, until 2:00 AM.
If, for any unforeseen reason, you will be late, you must call the House Manager.

5. Tenants will submit to a urine drug screen test, upon request, to be administered by the Residence Manager. Refusal to submit to drug screen will be considered an admission of using, and resident may be discharged. Tenant shall pay for the urine drug screen test used when tested for probable cause caused by suspicion or house violations.


6. Tenants will pay $350.00 Security Deposit/Additional Advance Rental Payment and $175.00 weekly rent. Rent is due every Friday, and ANY RENT PAID AFTER FRIDAY WILL BE ASSESSED A $10.00 PER DAY LATE FEE.

7. Tenants are liable for all Direct TV charges above the expanded services currently provided.

8. Tenants will not borrow or loan money, vehicles, or any other personal property to any others residing at the Leased Premises.

9. Tenants responsible for their own food and will share in the cost of all household supplies.


10. Tenants will attend 90 meetings in 90 days (NA or AA meetings) and work a Twelve Step Program with a sponsor.

11. Tenants will attend no less than four (4) weekly meetings upon completion of 90 in 90.

12. Tenants will have a Meeting Verification Form signed for at least one meeting per day, the first 30 days of residency.


13. Tenants shall not fight, threaten, harass or tease each other or others at or around the Leased Premises. There will be zero tolerance as to this.

14. Tenants will not engage in sexual activity of any kind at the Leased Premises. Prior to having a visitor on or in the Leased Premises, the Property Manager must be notified.

15. Tenants shall not possess any firearms, or any other weapons of any kind on the Leased Premises. Zero tolerance.


16. Tenants will be responsible for the immediate repair or replacement of any property damaged by tenant’s negligence.


18. Tenants will be responsible for keeping both personal and community areas clean DAILY, (bed made, clothes put away, personal effects in order, drinking glasses cleaned and returned to kitchen, dishes washed, etc.). This includes outdoor areas.

19. Tenants will wear appropriate sleeping garments (no sleeping in the nude).

20. Tenants will restrict eating to the kitchen, dining room and living room areas only.No eating at anytime in bedroom areas. Tenants shall not smoke inside the Lease Premises. Tenants may smoke outside, on the Leased Premises and shall dispose of any and all cigarette/cigar butts safely and appropriately; never on lawn.


21. Tenants shall notify the Property Manager of any and all visitors. Tenants shall NOT have visitors in bedroom areas at any time.

22. Tenants will have all visitors leave the Leased Premises by 12:00 AM. ABSOLUTELY NO OVERNIGHT GUESTS.

23. Tenants shall NOT have visitors who appear to be drunk or high on the Leased Premises.


24. Tenants will not have pets of any kind on the Leased Premises.


25. Good hygiene and living skills are important goals. Tenants shall keep themselves and the Leased Premises clean and presentable at all times. Tenants agree to wear rubber gloves provided by the landlord when cleaning the restrooms or helping a fellow tenant who is injured as a universal precaution against any infectious disease.

26. Due to safety and security reasons, tenants understand and agree that authorized personnel may enter the Leased Premises at any time for the purpose of inspecting the Leased Premises and initiating any required repairs. Personnel will make every effort to afford you your privacy. All entries will first be preceded by an announcement and a knock on the door.

27. Landlord has provided a 42” television, in the living room. Televisions are not permitted in the bedrooms, in order to prevent isolation or disturbance to your roommate. Likewise, we discourage the use of computers.

28. To prevent any fires, there shall be no candles or other combustible materials brought into the residence.

28. This is a “Green Residence”. In order to conserve electricity, please turn up the air-conditioning unit in your bedroom, when your bedroom is not in use.Likewise, please turn up the air-conditioning unit in the living room when the premises will be vacant, due to work, etc. Please be mindful to turn off lights, television and any other electrical appliances when appropriate. Also, please be sure to fill the washing machine and/or dryer with more than a few pieces of laundry, as this is wasteful.In addition, the dryer’s lint filter must be cleaned each and every time the dryer has completed its cycle. House fires have been caused by dirty lint filters overheating.

29. Garbage is picked up every Tuesday and Thursday in the morning. Please put garbage cans out by the curb either the night before pickup or the early morning of pickup. Garbage must be inside the garbage can or else the city will not pick it up. The Recycling Bin (Blue) must be put out on __________.

30. Please make sure the front and side doors are always locked by the last person leaving the residence. If a tenant loses a key, he must pay for the cost of a new key and Landlord shall then collect a $25.00 key deposit from said Tenant.

31. There shall be no house secrets.Everything must be open and honest. If a tenant knows of something that violates the Lease or Rules and Regulations, it is that tenant’s responsibility to report same to the Property Manager.

32. Any medications taken by a tenant must be approved. Absolutely no narcotics or addictive prescriptions allowed on premises.

I have read and understand all of these Rules and Regulations stated herein and agree to abide by all of them.I understand that violation of any of the Rules and Regulations may result in immediate discharge and that the Rules and Regulations may be amended from time to time.